Road Hazard!

On Day three of our Leaf ownership I drove the Leaf to work only to look down at the back tire and see this…


Somehow a 3.5″ rusty old bolt had made its way into my left rear tire!

I was a bit put out with the situation but at least it didn’t happen while we were driving across Tennessee!  The tire was not flat or leaking air and from the location of the bolt I deduced that it would probably continue to hold air until I could get to the tire shop.  I went on to work and later in the day I slowly drove the 12 miles to the tire store–as I drove down the mountain from work I could hear the head of the bolt hitting the road with each revolution of the tire–click, click, click–I was sure that the tire was going to blow out ant any second but somehow it made it to the shop.  Once there I noticed that the bolt had pushed its way through the rubber of the sidewall and it looked like this…yikes!


One of the employees said  “that is not fixable, you will need a new tire.” and then “I have never seen that before, how did that happen?” You know when they say that it is truly bizarre.  They looked up the Ecopia and said that they did not have one in stock but could get one by 8 am so I was forced to drive the car the 6 miles to my home on the other side of town.  On the way home the air pressure light finally came on in the middle of town so I was forced to stop at my friend Dave’s business and ask him for assistance.  First we tried a can of fix-a-flat but it malfunctioned and would not work.  We then went to a nearby auto parts store and picked up a can of Slime which I put into the tire…


Dave then provided me with an air compressor to inflate the tire and I was on my way home–THANKS DAVE!


The tire held air overnight and the next day I went back to the tire store and they replaced my “old” tire with a new Ecopia…


And I was back on the road.

The old tire was not old at all…it only had 1800 miles on it!  Luckily, I called Nissan and they put me through to Bridgestone who said that there was a warranty remaining on the tires so they gave me a 50% discount!

Day three of Leaf ownership and already a bizarre accident…hmmm…some might say it was coincidence…others may call it an an omen…I just call it dumb bad luck.

As for the Leaf, it suffered no ill effects form the ordeal and still preforms optimally and I have not paid for gas in over 1000 miles!


2 thoughts on “Road Hazard!

    • The Ecopia is the standard low rolling resistance tire that comes on the Leaf. The Leaf does not come with a spare to save weight I suppose…only a latex based patch kit and compressor to force it into the tire. I used Slime to patch my tire–the product is amazing and will not foul pressure sensors.

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