Dirt Road Leaf

Just the other morning while driving to work on the three mile uphill forest road part of my morning commute, I stopped to snap this photo of sunbeams spilling through the forest canopy.


The morning felt surreal with the soft sunlight and sounds of the forest on the quiet country road.  I was moved by the beauty of the morning as I continued on my drive up the mountain to work.  I lowered the windows and as I drove on I could hear only the forest sounds and the crunch of my tires on gravel–not the growl of an internal combustion engine as in my Toyota 4Runner.


While the Leaf is primarily a road car, it does surprisingly well on gravel, mountainous roads and handles wonderfully.  I do not drive the three miles at speeds much above 25-30  and the Leaf takes the turns well and negotiates the shallow wash outs and washboards with ease and no excessive vibration.

I am constantly finding new reasons to love my Leaf.  From handling on and “off” road to being able to hear the sounds of the forest and my music to only paying around $1.50 per day for energy–the Leaf is a true marvel of modern technology and I am 100% happy with my EV purchase.

If you are tired of paying for petroleum,  tired of padding the wallets of the big oil barons and want to lower your carbon footprint–then you owe it to yourself to test drive a Leaf or other EV today.

If you power your home with renewable energy and are either off the grid or grid tied or if you have a source of renewable energy on your land such as solar, hydro or wind then you could switch to and EV and drive for free!  Think about the freedom it would give you, how much money you would save and how you would be part of the solution!

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