Blue Ridge Mountain Expedition

A few weeks ago I took my 2012 Leaf SL on a ~300 mile road trip to visit a friend.  My friend lives on the other side of two mountain ranges in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina USA. Take a look at the route (one way) with charging station locations* and elevation change profile that I calculated using


Chargers were few and far between but the Leaf performed admirably and had no issues that were the fault of the vehicle although I did have a leak in a tire due to a bit of road debris.  Totals for the adventure follow:

Total Miles driven on entire weekend trip: 319

Total Miles driven R/T: 220

Charging Time total for 319 mile trip: 22 hours (includes Lvl 2 and Lvl 1 overnight)

Charging Time total for R/T: 8.5 hours (Lvl 2 x 4)

Charging Time totals for entire 319 mile/3 day trip: 30.5 hours (includes Lvl 2 (8.5) x 5 and overnight/day Lvl 1 (22) x 3)

Maximum sustained speed: ~65 mph

Minimum sustained speed: ~30 mph

Time spent behind the wheel during R/T: ~7 hours

Time spent behind the wheel for entire trip: ~9 hours

Lowest Elevation: 1702 feet above sea level

Highest Elevation: 4563 feet

Total Elevation gain: 11,602 feet

Total miles regenerated for 218 mile R/T:~100!

Total cost of electricity for entire 319 mile route: ~$2.00!!

If I had driven my 1999 Toyota 4Runner the trip would have taken less time but it would have cost me ~$70 in gas and I would not have had so much fun!

I filmed the entire trek then compressed it down into the hour long documentary video linked below so sit back and enjoy an epic mountain adventure in a Nissan Leaf.


*Charging station information added to mapmyride map using Photoshop.


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