Track your EV’s performance with the myEV by MyCarma: electric vehicle logger & app

This is one of the greatest ideas in EV data monitoring I have seen yet!


“The world’s first electric vehicle logger for individuals that can track energy consumption and State-of-Charge on (nearly all) production plug-in vehicles.”



If all EV drivers had one of these vehicle data loggers we could all keep better track of the health of our EV’s battery, monitor our energy usage, and communicate and compare results with other EV drivers across the region!


But why would an EV driver want to log data from their EV?

According to MyCarma

“Here are the top 5 reasons we’ve heard from fellow EV owners:

  1. I want more data than what the dash shows me (ie. % SOC, not bars)
  2. I want to keep an eye on the health of my battery.
  3. I want to track my range throughout the year to see the impact of the weather, and to compare this to other EV owners in my area.
  4. The other data system you use went down. Again.
  5. I love my car and want to share my results with others that are in the EV community, and those that are considering becoming EV owners!

We’ve been listening.  And by adapting our fleet hardware and decodes (ability to log EV signals) we can give the community what it’s looking for. “

It gets better!  The myEV APP and window sticker.


The APP allows you to track your EV’s info in real time and from anywhere as well as compare your results with the rest of your “team.”


And then there is the window sticker.


When you display the window sticker it tells other EV drivers that you are a member of a MyCarma myEV “team” consisting of a number of local EV’s.  When you encounter another EV “out there,” you can then scan the QR code on the sticker and either send the driver of the EV an “electric fist bump” for driving electric or, if they are charging and their EV’s SOC (State of Charge)  is higher than yours, you can text to request to unplug their car so you can get a charge.




And there is even more!

Just read on to compare the myEV to the competition and see the benefits.


So where can you get one of these remarkable new high tech toys that actually are not a toy but a useful high tech tool for helping you monitor the health of your EV?


That is the catch…the myEV it has not been produced and offered for sale to the public just yet.

MyCarma, The company that makes the myEV data logger is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the units creation.


You can be a part of the creation of this wonderful new tool by contributing to the cause and help get this project funded and then one day you can have your own myEV!

Watch this short video about the myEV and learn why you should help make this amazing tool a reality.

Learn more about the myEV on their Indiegogo crowdfunding page and consider becoming a part of something amazing!


NOTE: If you live in the Western North Carolina/Upstate South Carolina or East Tennessee area and drive an EV, please consider joining The Blue Ridge EV Club where we share EV information, news, stories and pictures as well as promote our EV’s and amazing new future tech like our EV’s and the new myEV!

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The Future is NOW–Please consider helping crowdfund Solar Roadways

Yes, that’s right, Solar Roadways–driveways, parking lots, airports, tracks, and roads, paved with solar panels that convert solar energy into electricity that then power your house, electric vehicle, school, church, business…our entire society!

Downtown Sandpoint 2 - small

It is a great idea that is happening now.


Today is the time to be thinking about tomorrow.

Interstate at Dusk - small

Today is the time to be making the future of clean energy generation and energy security a reality.

Sandpoint Sidewalk - small

I firmly believe that one of the answers to powering the future with clean, renewable, domestically generated, job producing energy is Solar Roadways.

Snow melt

The Solar Roadways crew is not a huge corporate mega-monopoly hell bent on making power in the dirtiest way then pocketing your money and trying to shut down all the renewable energy companies…no.

Parking lot east

Solar roadways is Scott and Julie Brusaw.


They are “normal” people just like you.


With a cute dog named Chantilly that has no idea that it is walking on the future of clean energy generation.


They are normal people with a vision of a future powered by clean solar energy generated from the thousands of miles or driveways, parking lots, airports, and roads that are just sitting out there cooking in the sun.


The Brusaws are about to wrap up a crowdfunding campaign on Indegogo  that has so far generated over 2 million dollars that will go toward making Solar roadways happen!

If you are at all concerned about the future of anything good then please, consider helping the Brusaws fund their amazing idea.

Contribute and be part of positive change.


Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Watch this incredible video that explains all the benefits of Solar Roadways.

All photos from Solar Roadways


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