About Blue Water Leaf

Steve O’Neil is the owner of “Electra” the Blue Water Leaf.

Steve is an advocate for clean, green, renewable energy technologies and he is especially interested in solar, wind and micro-hydro power.  Recently Steve purchased a 2012 Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.  Steve intends to one day power the Leaf with 100% renewable micro-hydro generated electricity.

Steve is a naturalist and applied field science teacher from Hendersonville, North Carolina.  He spent his early years chasing snakes, lizards and salamanders all over the mountains of North Carolina.  During his college years Steve studied wildlife and fisheries management, recreation management and zooarchaeology.

Steve has worked in many interesting seasonal positions at many well known private, state and national parks, private inns, camps and farms some of which include: Kitty Hawk Aero Tours, The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Great Smoky Mountains Railway, Hammocks Beach State Park, Chimney Rock State Park, Falling Creek Camp for Boys, Flat Rock Nature Center and The Inn on Little Saint Simons Island, GA.  His job titles have included seasonal park ranger, back country trail ranger,  interpretive naturalist, camp counselor, nuisance black bear, wild boar and rattlesnake trapper (no snakes were ever harmed) and aircraft mechanics assistant and Earthshine Discovery Center.  Currently Steve works full time as an applied field science teacher and naturalist at The Academy at Trails Carolina and part time as Facilitator at Earthshine Discovery Center.

Steve’s passions are reptiles and wildlife conservation and public nature education.  He was greatly inspired to follow his dream of working with wildlife in his early years first by his parents Catherine and Clayton O’Neil who gave him a love for all things natural and real.  Later Steve was influenced by Marlin Perkins and Jim on Wild Kingdom, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, Grizzly Adams, Marty Stouffer’s Wild America, Harry Butler Down Under, Joe Duckett, Charlie Green, Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter,” Les Stroud, John Rucker, and most recently Captain Paul Watson of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Steve has conducted hundreds of nature and wildlife presentations to thousands of children and adults over the years.  He has lead many camper groups of youngsters and adults into forests, mountains, caves, swamps and dunes in search of all things and all places wild and wonderful.  Steve is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator specializing in reptiles and Opossums.  He also puts in hundreds of volunteer hours keeping track of not only the several turtles he is following at Earthshine, but also for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission’s Nongame-Endangered Wildlife program monitoring reptiles and amphibians and now bats.

Steve is the executive director of Earthshine Nature Programs, a not for profit, grass roots company that seeks to bring people closer to nature through hands-on exciting outdoor education and online through his blogs, website, facebook pages and the Earthshine Nature Blog here on WordPress.  Follow that blog at http://www.earthshinenature.wordpress.com and be sure to check out the Earthshine Nature Youtube.com site where he has posted hundreds of educational nature and wildlife conservation videos. 

Learn more about Earthshine Discovery Center.

1 thought on “About Blue Water Leaf

  1. Wow! you have been busy Steve 🙂

    Very much enjoying Blue Water Leaf 😀

    Please put me on your mailing list (if you have such a thing!) and I will look forward to reading more when I find time 🙂

    I just got round to starting a modest little blog about my Leaf experience back in January
    in a European spec 2014 model. (I am in Wiltshire UK) link http://evwriter.blogspot.co.uk/

    it will take 5 minutes to read 😀 (I did say i just got started!) 😉

    I may ask to share some of your blog too in due course if that’s ok 🙂

    Kind Regards and bye for know

    Dan 🙂

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